Mundo Musical


Rock magazine (Music World) from Valencia, established in 1968.

1974 October 1

Vol. 7 No. 34


Zappa y sus madres en Barcelona
By Pepe Morera, pp 3,4

A two-page article by Pepe Morera about the next coming of FZ & Mothers to Badalona remembering their musicians, discography & a tiny translation of "Excentrifugal Forz" and "Don't eat the yellow snow".

Source: Javier Marcote


1974 November 1

Vol. 7 No. 35


Zappa: Mordaz e inteligente (Zappa: scathing and intelligent)
By Jaine Martín, p 20

Un concerto de formas inconcretas e "irregulares"
(A concert of imprecise and "irregular" shapes)
By Jaine Martín, p 21

A proposito de la actuacion de Frank Zappa en Badalona
(Regarding the performance of Frank Zappa in Badalona)
By Gaspar Fraga, p 22

FZ at the press conference held at the Manila Hotel in Barcelona, prior to the concert in Badalona; comments on the concert itself by Jaime Martín and post reflection by Gaspar Fraga who is also the author of the photos and author of Zappa & Madres.

Source: Javier Marcote