Lizard is the only Polish magazine devoted to the broader progressive music – progressive rock, psychedelic, classic rock, krautrock, music, fusion, jazz-rock, jazz, free, funk, blues, soul, electronic music and post-rock. Quarterly magazine started in December 2010. 

2012 Spring (March)

Issue 6


Waka/Jawaka & The Grand Wazoo
By Michał Wilczyński, pp 45-47

Source: Václav Pěnkava


2012 Autumn (September)

Issue 8


Frank Zappa. Tasmy, Boxy & Roxy
By Michał Wilczyński, pp 30-31

Chodzi o ludzi. Chad Wackerman
Interview by Michał Wilczyński, pp 16-17



2014 Summer (June)

Issue 15


Frank Zappa. Road Tapes, Venue #2. Roxy by Proxy
By Michał Wilczyński, p 68



2016 March

Issue 20


Koniec ery frikozoicznej
By Witold Zimowski, pp 20-22

Understanding America, czyli parę słów o Zappawersum
By Jacek Świegoda, pp 23-25

Replika maski pstrąga
By Bartosz Buchholz, pp 68-71

The Lost Broadcast: The Beat Club 68
Roxy The Movie

By Jacek Świegoda, p 99

Source: slime.oofytv.set


2016 June

Issue 21


Freak Out!
By Aleksander Filipowski, pp 68-71

Source: Václav Pěnkava


2020 September

Issue 38


Dyskretny urok muzycznej moderny (The discreet charm of musical modernity)
By Aleksander Filipowski, pp 66-76

Automatic translation: Frank Zappa's musical universe is a true melting pot of style, convention and aesthetics. Eclecticism was not only an immanent feature of his work, but also one of the determinants of his artistic strategy. This time, however, we will not explore the specificity of references to various types of popular music and jazz. We will focus fully on Zappa's various connections with twentieth-century modernity. We will take a closer look at what styles, compositional techniques and, finally, the creators influenced the development of his sound language. We are entering a difficult terrain. Cavernous discography, multiple tracks and a range of references – all this makes the topic very broad. However, it is worth paying attention to it, because "serious" explorations of Zappa are something unique in the rock world.



2022 December

Issue 47


Zappa/Beefheart: Współpraca wysokiego ryzyka (High-risk collaboration)
By Michał Pick, pp 44-49

In Concert: Frank Zappa
By Bartosz Leśniewski, pp 50-51

Frank Zappa Plays Grand Wazoo
By Piotr Chlebowski, pp 52-61

Frank Zappa: The Hot Rats Sessions
By Piotr Chlebowski, pp 62-63

Poradnik kupującego: Frank Zappa (Buyers guide)
By Bartosz Leśniewski, pp 96-97