La Prensa de Ibiza


Daily newspaper published by Prensa Ibérica group on the island of Ibiza from 1988 to 1993.

1989 April 1

Vol. 2 No. 100


El nuevo invento de Frank Zappa: del inconformismo de los 70 al business del año 1992
(Frank Zappa's new invention: from the nonconformity of the 70s to the business of the year 1992)
By José Manuel Piña, p 32

Los proyectos españoles de Frank Zappa
(Frank Zappa's Spanish projects)
By José Manuel Piña, p 32

 Frank Zappa spend some days on the island of Ibiza and gave an exclusive interview to the local paper. He chatted about the projects that he has raised to the mayor of Madrid for the creation of an "Orchestra of the World" and a computer-assisted alchemy study center.


Source: Javier Marcote