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L.A. Record is an independent free music magazine, founded in 2005, and originally published weekly as a broadsheet poster. Since March 2008 L.A. Record was published monthly and later since May 2010 quarterly. (wikipedia)

2015 Fall

Issue 120


The Holloway Files. Frank Zappa (1972)
Interview by Danny Holloway, p 59

Frank Zappa was a well-known musical satirist, but what happened to him at London's Rainbow theatre on December 10, 1971, was no joke. While playfully launching into a cover of the Beatles song ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand,’ an irate 24-year-old male fan rushed the stage and shoved Zappa into the orchestra pit. "The band all thought I was dead," Zappa said at the time. "My head was over my shoulder and my neck was bent like it was broken. I had a hole in the back of my head, a fractured leg and one arm was paralyzed. The album was made in the studio while I was in a wheelchair. I was writing music even when I was in the hospital." This interview was one of the first Zappa did after his recovery. Non-Angelenos may not fully appreciate what most locals know: Zappa is a giant in L.A. musical history for his genius, daring and inventiveness. (read more)

Source: issuu.com