The Capitol Record Club was officially established in 1958 and formally shut down in 1975. The Club indeed published its own colorful self-promotional magazine, known as Capitol Record Club Review in the early 1960s, as Keynotes in the mid-1960s.  (

1968 September


Unconventional and unique! The Mothers of Invention prove "We're Only in it for the Money"
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Like no ther musical organization in the world, The Mothers of Invention draw their inspiration from classical music, rock and jazz. They combine musicianship, novel technical effects and acid satire into some of the most unusual albums ever produced. Leader Frank Zappa is an expert orchestrator, tape editor and instrumentalist. His musical collages from individual and exciting sound adventures that are sure to move you. "We're Only in it for the Money." Spectacular stereo only. (S91457) : $4.98. Verve.