Kerrang! is a UK-based magazine devoted to rock music published by Bauer Media Group. It was first published on 6 June 1981 as a one-off supplement in the Sounds newspaper. Named after the onomatopoeic word that derives from the sound made when playing a power chord on a distorted electric guitar, Kerrang! was initially devoted to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and the rise of hard rock acts. In the early 2000s it became the best-selling British music newspaper. (wikipedia)
Kerrang! is the world's biggest selling weekly rock magazine.

1984 October 4-17

No. 78


(F)rank Hypocrisy
By Mick Wall, pp 18-19

AND LO! It came to pass that in the rainy streets of Brussels, Belgium, where he was rehearsing for the start of his first European tour in many a bygone year, I plucked up my courage and whiled away a half hour or so with Mr Frank Zappa. (read more)


(This issue had a 3d poster and glasses.)



1984 October 18-31

No. 79


Frank Zappa
Hammersmith Odeon

By David Sinclair, p 53