Képes 7


Képes 7 (Illustrated 7) was in the late 80s popular large illustrated family weekly. Founded in 1986, ceased in 1990.

1987 June 27

No. 26


Nem bírnak el? Mondják csak! (Can't stand it? Just tell me!)
By János Zoltán, p 54

  Automatic translation: Frank Zappa is the most individual, perhaps the most eccentric performer of progressive rock. His world is almost intangible in the spheres of the "popos" at home. On his albums (57 have been released so far, including the various compilations), in addition to the consistent approach, the fusion of styles is almost impossible to follow, even within a single track. In London, at the corner of Park Road and Baker Street at the southern entrance to Regent's Park, I was able to meet him at his former favorite rehearsal place, the Clarence Gate Club, as a result of about three months of correspondence. I was looking forward to this meeting with a lot of excitement. Many people at the Clarence Gate Club recognized him, despite the fact that he rarely visits England or Europe. (read more)

Source: adt.arcanum.com