A music newspaper from Southern California issued 1964-68. The pdf archive is available for download.
San Francisco station KYA was using the Beat template for their own edition KYA Beat.

1965 September 25

Vol. 1 No. 28 


Starting from this issue 5 weeks in a row small The Mothers ads appeared. 

p 8



1965 October 2

Vol. 1 No. 29


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1965 October 9

Vol. 1 No. 30


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1965 October 16

Vol. 1 No. 31 


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1965 October 23

Vol. 1 No. 32 


Final ad in series. You can call Frank Zapa.

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1966 September 10

Vol. 2 No. 23


Psychedelic Music โ€“ Is It Next?
By Rochelle Reed, pp 22-23


  Frank Zappa, a Mother of Invention – "I don't play psychedelic music. It's for dopers. I don't want to be labelled that way. We call our music the "new free music." . . . Yes, I really do think this will be the next big influence on the pop scene . . . music is now freed from the past." 

Herb Cohen is a producer who agrees with John Beck and feels the term "psychedelic" is totally useless because there is no such thing, or "only if you have no mind. There's nothing mind-bending or earth-shattering about it. No psyche is attached to it. I'm not putting it down, but most (current music labeled as psychedelic) gives the impression of a pseudo-narcotic state."

KYA Beat



1966 December 3

Vol. 2 No. 29


'Hip' Burdon Talking Split
By ?, p 3

 ... Burdon's psychedelic notions appear to be more than just a passing fancy. In his last trip to the United States, Burdon recorded some material with Frank Zappa โ€“ the leader of the Mothers of Invention and foremost musician in the psychedelic field.

Burdon predicts a hit for the single, "Another Side Of Life," to be released in the States soon. He doesn't, however, expect either his psychedelic records of the psychedelic scene in general to spread to England.

"I don't think it will catch on as a musical form in England because the humor and language used in the lyrics of 'freak-out' music are very 'in' thing closely tied to the U.S. scene," he said.



1967 March 25

Vol. 3 No. 1


The Generation G-a-p ... It's Widening
By Lawrence Charles, pp 4, 20


The Mothers Of Invention, one of the leading groups in the generation gap, are pictured here with dancer, Karl, and three girls from the Mother's stage show. 

p 4 p 20



1967 July 1

Vol. 3 No. 8


Ad on page 6.

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1968 February 10

Vol. 3 No. 22


Zappa Voted Top Musician
p 3


Article about Jazz & Pop magazine critic's poll results.

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