Keyboards, Computers & Software


Keyboards, Computers & Software or KCS was a bimonthly launched in 1986. In 1988 renamed to Music, Computers & Software (MCS) and issued monthly. ISSN 0886-6228

1986 April

Vol. 1 No. 2


Megabytes at Barking Pumpkin
By Alan di Perna, pp 22-25

“Hey, what’s a monstro guitar legend like Frank Zappa doing on the cover of a magazine like Keyboards, Computers & Software”?

That’s a fair enough question; but one shudders at the thought of how Mr. Zappa himself might answer the unwitting naif who asked it to his goateed face. Frank’s undeniable brilliance on the electric guitar, you see, is only one small part of his ongoing role (and he’s been at it for two decades now) as rock’s reigning “serious composer/satirist/misanthrope”. And it’s in these capacities that his liberal use of keyboards, computers and software enters the picture. All three items—principally in the form of Zappa’s well-configured Synclavier system—have provided him with the solution to a long-standing dilemma. (read more)

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