A video games magazine from 1982-1983. Seven of the nine published issues are available as pdf.
1983 January
Vol. 1 No. 4

The Zappas On Video Games
By Susin Shapiro, pp 32-35

JOYSTIK: Why did you consent to this interview?

FRANK: Because I don't have anything against video games and I do have something against people who keep kids from playing them.

JOYSTIK: Do you ever play them?

FRANK: No, but I love to listen to them. I like rooms full of that sound. It's a very interesting environment. When I was coming back from my European tour I had a layover in New York. I went into the video-game room at the airport and walked around with a tape recorder, recording the whole room going at once. Then I listened to it on earphones on the plane home. It was great. But I'm not interested in "plooking" buttons and blowing things up.

JOYSTIK: Do you think it fritters away quarters that could be better spent elsewhere?

FRANK: No, it's entertainment, and you have to pay for it. You just have to decide if the quarter you spend on a video game is worth the amount of fun you get out of it. (read more)


Source: slime.oofytv.set