Jazz Critique


 JAZZ 批評   or   ジャズ批評

The longest-running magazine is Jazz Critique (Jazz Hihyo). Released only six times a year, and more of a journal than a regular magazine, Jazz Critique focuses on jazz culture, people and theory. Each of the issues focuses on one or another of several genres or trends in jazz. Run and edited, rather unusually in Japan, by one woman, Hiroko Matsuzaka, Jazz Critique has published since the late 1960s jazz boom (1967). Opinionated, partisan and provocative in a way that many other Japanese magazines are afraid to be, Jazz Critique fills an important void in the jazz press. (Jazz In Japan)
No. 5
 Rock and Frank Zappa's world
By Frank Kofsky, 11 pp
This is an interview from Jazz & Pop 1967 September-October, translated by Hamano Satoru.