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Founded under the title Paris Herald in 1887 in Paris as the European edition of the New York Herald, it changed owners and was renamed several times: it became the Paris Herald Tribune, global edition of the New York Herald Tribune in 1924, then the International Herald Tribune in 1967, with The Washington Post and The New York Times as joint parent newspapers. 
In 2002, The New York Times Company took control of the International Herald Tribune, which was subtitled since then The Global Edition of the New York Times. On October 15, 2013, the paper was renamed The International New York Times, and in October 2016, it was fully integrated with its parent and renamed The New York Times International Edition. Autumn that year also saw the closing of editing and preproduction operations in the Paris newsroom, where the paper, under its various names, had been headquartered since 1887. (wikipedia)

1984 January 10

Issue 31380


Music by the Zappa-Boulez Duo
By Michael Zwerin, p 6

Frank Zappa is on the road alone. He has been here since New Year’s Eve without his rock band, road crew, personal manager and bodyguard, which means he has to carry his own money, hail cabs, make his own appointments and call his bank to make sure the musicians are paid. (read more)