Iconoclast, The Weekly Newspaper of Dallas was published 1971-1977. This underground paper was a sequel to Dallas Notes, published in 1967-1970.  (Stoney Burns and Dallas Notes: Covering the Dallas Counterculture 1967-1970)

1974 March 15-22


Zappa: The Composer Speaks
Interview by Mark Roberts, pp 4-5

This interview was conducted in Frank Zappa's downtown hotel room on March 6 – the day after his Dallas performance with his Mothers. Don Christensen and Craig Curtis, two students of music who have shared my interest in Zappa's work, helped in preparation of the questions. The primary intent of this interview was to explore Zappa's attitudes toward music, a subject which, as he noted at the conclusion of the discussion, has been most often neglected in his interviews. (read more)

Source: Steve Dirkx