Hxos & Hi-Fi


Ήχος = Sound
First long-running Greek music magazine, launched in April 1973 as HXOΣ & Hi-Fi and directed by Kostas Kavvathas (Κώστα Καββαθά). Magazine was later renamed to HXOΣ EIKONA (Sound Vision). Since 2018 the magazine is named hxos+ Sound Vision.

1975 November

No. 32


Frank Zappa (part I)
By ?, pp 58-61


 Source: George Hoikas


1975 December

No. 27


Frank Zappa (part II)
By ?, pp 63-66, 103


 Source: George Hoikas


1982 June

No. 112


Frank Zappa 19-6 στό Odeon Hammersmith
By Nikos Politis (Νίκος Πολίτης), p 25


 Source: archive.org


1982 December

No. 117


Frank Zappa: Ship Arriving Too Late To Save A Drowning Witch
By ?, p 40

 Source: archive.org


1984 June

No. 135


Frank Zappa - News
By ?, p 56

This interview is translated by Nikos Politis from a French magazine. Which one, is not known.

Automatic translation: FZ: I belong neither to rock nor to modern music. I'm not a rock star, and I play no major role in the foundation of serious music. I have no teaching intention. I don't work to educate the listener. I write and play the music I like. (read more)

 Source: archive.org


1988 September

No. 186


Broadway The Hard Way
By Thanassis Arvanitis (Θανάσης Αρβανιτης), pp 66-69, 128 


 Source: slime.oofytv.set