Hot Wacks


Scottish fanzine, which occupied a similar terrain to that of ZigZag before the advent of punk. Published in Edinburg, February 1974 - May 1983, 23 issues in total. (BeatBooks)


No. 20/21


Interview by Chris John, 4 pp

Sometimes it seems Frank Zappa is never happy except when he's grumbling. Fortunately, he's an articulate grumbler and usually has something sensible to gripe about, be it record companies or film distributors. Chris John, who went down to London to see Frank's "Baby Snakes" film and talk to him, gave him tea and sympathy.

HW: In the last 12 months, since signing with CBS, there seems to have been a sudden surge in creativity ...

FZ: Well, maybe it looks like a surge of creativity but the work has been going on for a long time. I've been working on the film for 2 years, and it's no problem for me to do at least 2 albums a year ... and that's basically what I did. The "Sheik Yerbouti" album was the early part of the year and "Joe's Garage" was supposed to be a single 3-record set but I changed it into 2 releases because the cost of a 3-record package might be hard on people the way the world is today. So it looks like a lot of stuff but that's just an average year's work. (read more)

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