Hot Press


Hot Press is a fortnightly music and politics magazine based in Dublin, Ireland founded in June 1977. The magazine has been edited since its inception by Niall Stokes. (wikipedia)

1993 April 7

Vol. 17 No. 6


A Mother Of Invention
By Joe Jackson, pp 16-17

Technically, what follows is not an interview at all, rather the result of an unplanned and hastily improvised conversation that took place in the Hollywood Hills, overlooking Los Angeles, on the morning after the Grammy Awards.

It also is a conversation which was conducted in relatively minor, muted tones with a visibly weakened and sallow skinned Frank Zappa who, only moments before, had been forced to break away from a recording session with Tom Jones and the Chieftains. Taking Paddy Moloney to one side in the studio he'd quietly explained "that because of the illness I have to go back to my room." Frank Zappa has been diagnosed as suffering from prostate cancer. (read more)

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