Hot Licks

 New Zealand

Roger Jarrett edited and designed the groundbreaking New Zealand music magazine Hot Licks (1974-76), a free music magazine that put new local bands such as Split Enz and Dragon on the map and exposed the finest imported music from Little Feat to Bob Marley. (Distractions)
In 1976 Hot Licks abandoned the free format and disappeared soon. (Rip It Up)

1974 August

Vol. 1 No. 7


Whatever happened to the good old nihilistic anarchy of Frank Zappa and his Mothers?
By Roderick Scott, p 9

Short Cuts. Frank's Swank Thank (p 3)

The 50-piece marching band huffed and puffed their way past the headquarters of Warner Bros Records, L.A. with a banner that read: "Anyone who can get Frank Zappa even to the bottom of the Top Ten is OK in my booklet. F.Z." Frank's Apostrophe is doing kind 'a well...

Note: Photo of the marching band and Zappa – What's A Mother To Do


1975 December

No. 21


Frank Zappa
By Erik Gerritsen, p 6

 Introductory article before Zappa's concert in Auckland in January 16, 1976.