The Hot Flash


"Mid-West Concert Guide" from Kalamazoo, Michigan.

1974 May

Vol. 3 No. 27


(1) The Grand Wazoo Speaks
Interview by Ed Baker, pp 1, 6-8, 13

(2) Plucking the nirvanic musical chord with Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart
By Dean Graham, pp 5, 14

(1) Dean and I drove into Grand Valley Friday morning, still not quite believing that we were going to see Frank Zappa. I mean I knew it all right, but it wasn't quite real yet. After first going to the wrong Holiday Inn, we finally got the right place and sat waiting for the "press conference" to begin. There were a bunch of people with tape recorders and cameras and one guy with video equipment. He was asked not to use it and he put it away. Mr. Big Shot from Grand Valley College came around to make sure that everyone was on the list. Everybody wasn't, but since there were only about 14 people there instead of the 10 on the list, nobody was made to leave. Most of the people were either running tape machines or taking pictures. Basically there were four of us asking questions, although Dean asked 2 or 3, the TV reporter who asked the first questions asked one more, and one other guy asked one or two. I didn't get all the names and so they haven't been identified in the interview. Almost everyone asked several good questions and one dumb one. For that reason they'll probably be both disappointed and happy that their names aren't listed here. I would like to thank Michelle Fonda for providing me with a copy of a tape of the interview. (read more)

(2) There I sat, bored and depressed at the Brewery in East Lansing, waiting for my childhood idle to sweep me away into a new life of excitement, stimulation and nirvanic exhaltation. And then, lo and behold, straggling across the stage came Captain Beefheard himself! Hope poundingly surged to my brain! This time the musical nirvanic chord would be plucked! Captain Beefheart would lead us all to a new revelation! And then I found myself.... (read more)

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