Guitare Magazine


Founded in 1980 as the first French guitar magazine. Merged later in 1983 with Claviers Magazine to form Guitare et Claviers since issue #37, January 1984. Ceased in 2000.

1982 January

No. 15


Tous les appats de Zappa
By Francis Vincent, pp 22-27, 63

Sinister Footwear (transcription)
By Frank Zappa, pp 36-39

Photograph of the Guitare Magazine was Christian Rose, who later in 2003 together with Philippe Thieyre published wonderful book Zappa In France – 1968/1988.

Source: slime.oofytv.set


1982 April

No. 18


You Are What You Is advert - Testez votre anglais avec Zappa (test your English with Zappa)

Source: Fulvio Fiore


1983 July / August

No. 32

Frank Zappa "The Man From Utopia" 
By ?, p 61

Pour sa 2018 aventure phonographique, Zappa incarne (sur la pochette et sur la cire) la force indestructible, celle de Rank Xerox, le héros des bédés de Liberatore. Le rock a son Mozart et c'est Zappa. Le rock a son Homère et c'est encore Zappa. Somme toute si la musique contemporaine avait quoi que ce soit de contemporain, elle rythmerait son pas sur son pouls. Chaque album de Zappa, intervient comme une page supplémentaire d'une œuvre en mouvement. Après dix ans d'Iliade, on baigne maintenant en pleine Odyssée. Pourvu qu'il ne trouve pas Pénélope.

Automatic translation: For his 2018 phonographic adventure, Zappa embodies (on the cover and on the wax) the indestructible strength, that of Rank Xerox, the hero of the comics of Liberatore. Rock has its Mozart and it's Zappa. Rock has its Homer and it's still Zappa. In short, if contemporary music had anything contemporary, it would punctuate its footsteps on its pulse. Each Zappa album acts as an additional page of a work in motion. After ten years of Iliad, we are now bathing in the middle of the Odyssey. I hope he doesn't find Penelope.

Source: Fulvio Fiore