Guitar World


The short-lived and rare bimonthly German edition of Guitar World was started in May 1993. Apparently it ceased in the beginning of 1994.
Jeff Kitts (Guitar World blog):

In 1993, Guitar World boldly tried to enter the German market by having each issue translated into German and then shipped overseas. Without the benefit of the computer firepower we have today, getting each issue translated back in 1994 was no easy feat.
Basically, we had two German editors (who we lovingly referred to as "the Germans") who would come in each night after we left for the day, and they would spend the next few hours translating all the copy in the magazine from English to German. And each morning I, a lowly Senior Editor back then, would come into work and clear the used coffee cups and food wrappers from my desk...they were not the neatest editors on the planet, to put it mildly.


1994 January/February


Frank Zappa 1940-1993
By Brad Tolinski, 1 p

This obituary by Brad Tolinski was supplemented with a nice picture by Joseph Sia. On the picture is Frank Zappa, presumably in Atlanta Stadium, June 13, 1970 (Frank Zappa Fine Print Art).