GO was rated by many as one of the best magazines in the 70's. Started in Denmark already in 1969 (GO Magazine), but the Swedish edition started only in 1973 and was closed in 1975. (Svenska Poptidningar)

1974 August

No. 8


Frank Zappa - popmusikens största affärsman
By Erik Kramshøj, pp 25-26


On page 19 is funny ad for Jan Akkerman where is written: "Det finns bara två gitarrister i världen, den andra är Frank Zappa" (There are two guitarists in the world, the other one is Frank Zappa).


Source: nostalgipalatset.com


1975 March

No. 3


Dialog med Zappa
By ?, p 30


 Ask: - Are you political?
Zappa: - I do not like movements or politics. It does not interest me.
Ask: - What do you like then?
Zappa: - To perform for people. I do this seven months a year.
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Source: nostalgipalatset.com