Gateavisa (Street News) is a Norwegian oppositional publication rooted in the counterculture and anarchist movement. It was first published in June 1970 as two stenciled sheets under the name Oslo Gateavis. The magazine appears irregularly. At its peak, 1978-1983, it was published monthly with a print-run 16 000. (wikipedia)


No. 1

Oslo Gateavis

"Plastic People" lyrics on page 2.




No. 2


In no. 2-1973, Gateavisa published a center-page poster, NIXON VISIONS, created for the newspaper by artist Kjartan Slettemark. This is one of the rarest and most wanted issues of Gateavisa.

Well-known is the picture of Frank Zappa holding this issue. The picture was made at Kalvøya festival and was used by Gateavisa in subscription campaigns.

Zappa and Gateavisa Nixon Visions




No. 1


"Noen ganger berunder jeg meg selv" Hyggestund med Frank Zappa
("Sometimes I wonder at myself" Fun time with Frank Zappa)
By Radagast, pp 14-15

Automatic translation: Here follows an overhead from last autumn, namely an extract from a cassette tape with recordings from Frank Zappa's press conference at the Grand Hotel in Oslo the day before the Kalvoya Festival. Gateavisa was present (not invited) together with a diverse group of employees in the press and NRK. (read more)




Vol. 20 Summer Issue 126


Index of the first 126 issues of the Gateavisa. The issues 3/1972 and 3/1973 seem to have Captain Beefheart content.




Vol. 24 No. 1 Issue 142


De fordømtes barn (Children of the Darned)
By Frank Zappa, p 35

On page 35 the excerpt from The Real Frank Zappa Book is translated by John Aage Nilson.