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 Automatic translation: After a 3-year hiatus, Zappa is back on the road. Not only to play music, but also to get the young people to register as voters (you have to in the USA) so that they can vote in the upcoming presidential election. We have succeeded in getting 25 to register. For the sake of democracy, not the presidential candidates, says Zappa. In Europe, Zappa can still fill places like Wembley Arena in London, in addition to the Falkonercentret in Copenhagen, where he played on 25.4. His show is still a wonderful mix of beard and ballad, rock & roll, avant-garde compositional music and a flirtation with the classics from Ravel to the Beatles. (read more)



2013 July

No. 713


Frank Zappa "A Token Of His Extreme"
By Espen Strunk, p 50

Automatic translation: When I stumbled across Chunga's Revenge (1970) and Zoot Allures (1976) in my parents' record collection, I had the distinct feeling that something was slipping past my 14-year-old nose. And to this day, I still won't claim to understand what the raving Republican and singing satirist Zappa was really up to. (read more)