Guitar Player


There are two Spanish language editions of Guitar Player. That one which comes from CA ( a mere translation of the American Guitar Player, starting in early 90's) & the other original one from Barcelona, Spain. The original Spanish edition is issued since 1990 by Música & Tecnología from Barcelona.  (J.Marcote)
Issue 28
Frank Zappa – Madre Impía
Intro with picture on sepia, 1 p,
following FZ interviewed by David Mead
3 pics in colour & 2 in black & white, 5 pp
This is the translation of  The Unholy
from a UK magazine Guitarist.
(Full text at El 3er Poder)

La leyenda del viejo Freak
By Oscar Bastante, 2 pics in black & white, 3 pp


Source: Javier Marcote