Fusion was an American music magazine that was based in Boston, Massachusetts and operated from 1967 to 1974. According to the music journalism archive Rock's Backpages, it was an "influential" publication during that time. It formed out of the teen-oriented publication New England Teen Scene and, along with Crawdaddy! and Rolling Stone, was one of the first US magazines to recognize and critique the increased sophistication of pop music from the mid 1960s onward. (wikipedia)

1969 September 5

No. 2


Frank Zappa Interview
By Miles, 4 pp 10-12, 28

Trout Mask Replica

By Lester Bangs, 1 p

The "Frank Zappa Interview" by Miles was first published in The International Times, August 26.

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1971 August 20

No. 61


Zappa. Another look at last season's genius
Photos by Charles Steiner, pp 26-29

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1972 June


Frank Zappa Unfurled
By David Walley, pp 14-22

The article is taken from the book No Commercial Potential, 1972 by David Walley.


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