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Fono Forum is a monthly magazine for classical music, jazz and hi-fi. Founded in 1956. (wikipedia) Fono Forum older archive is available at Deutsches Hi-Fi Museum.

1978 December


Keine Angst vor Cage und Stockhausen
By Wolf-Christoph von Schönburg, pp 1382-1385

Automatic translation: [...] The pop loner Frank Zappa, for example, adopted sound structures from Igor Stravinsky, John Cage and Edgar Varese, but did not adhere to the theoretical guidelines of the electronic music avant-garde. On his LP "Uncle Meat" in 1971 he unabashedly put together confused noise collages with scraps of free jazz and speech. He called this collage technique "musical garbage sculptures".
The example of Frank Zappa makes it particularly clear that protest intentions were the priority for the adoption of avant-garde electronic music effects. Bizarre, quirky, unexpected things were already part of the important inventory of the public fright in the days of the "Mothers of Invention" - Zappa's earlier band. Salvadore Dali once hailed Zappa as the smartest and most scathing iconoclast in pop history. In the mid-1960s, Zappa was considered the ringleader of an anti-authoritarian movement. This was particularly evident in Zappa's "underground oratorios" and in entertaining mini-compositions - some just 90 seconds long - with which he attacked the "American way of life". [...]



1985 March


Ungewohntes von einem außergewöhnlichen Musiker
By Andreas Jaschinski, pp 56-57

Automatic translation: It may have been unknown to most readers that Frank Zappa, certainly one of the most important and imaginative rock musicians of our time, began as a serious music composer and is still active in this field (read more)



2004 February


Abenteuerliche Transkriptionen
By Dirk Wieschollek, p 75

Review of the Ensemble Modern Plays Frank Zappa album.



2016 March


Wahlverwandtschaften (Elective affinities)
By Karl Lippegaus, pp 38-39

Automatic translation: Pierre Boulez and Frank Zappa were worlds apart. And yet they came together for a common project. (read more)



2016 October


Beat The Boots
By Karl Lippegaus, p 68

"Frank Zappa was still fighting the clay pirates – today a creeping toleration is spreading."