Florida Flambeau


The Florida Flambeau began as an administration approved student run newspaper at the Florida State College for Women in 1915 and continued through the transition to Florida State University in 1947. In 1972 the newspaper moved off campus, independent from the University, and under the governance of the Florida Flambeau Foundation where it prospered for the next twenty years as a campus/community newspaper. In 1992 students who were unhappy with the philosophical direction that the Flambeau was going established a competing newspaper entitled the FSView. When the Flambeau experienced financial difficulties in 1998, it was purchased by the FSView, which subsequently continued publishing as the FSView and Florida Flambeau. In 2006 the Tallahassee Democrat, a Gannett owned daily newspaper purchased the FSView and Florida Flambeau. (archive.org)

1970 October 12

Vol. 57 No. 16


Rock Minstrel's Life Not Rosey
By Kim Rogers, p 8

Friday night's show of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention and the Allman Brothers Band was no exception. Members of both groups drifted in and out of the Tully Gym faculty lounge, where Frank Zappa slept for over an hour, twisted on a small couch, oblivious to the hubub surrounding him. (read more)


Source: Javier Marcote