In January 1979 Crawdaddy changed its title to Feature but closed after only 5 issues.
Prior to that since August 1978 to December 1978 Crawdaddy run a test to determine the impact of converting the title. In this regard, each month a part of the circulation was printed with a Feature front cover. (Feature, January 1979)
See also Crawdaddy.

1979 January

Issue #92


Wild Magic
By Gary Lucas, p 75

Zappa And The New Reich
By Michael Bloom, p 77

Gary Lucas is reviewing Shiny Beast by Captain Beefheart. Michael Bloom's review is on Studio Tan by Frank Zappa and Music For 18 Musicians by Steve Reich.

Source: archive.org


1979 February

Issue #93


The Best Of Everything:
Frank Zappa's ten favorite things in 1978.

By Frank Zappa, p 28

(in alphabetical order)
1. The Barking Pumpkin
2. Bulgarian music
3. Chateau 12 Tour 1961
4. Dolphins
5. Howlin' Wolf records (all of them)
6. Life on the road
7. Palladium (New York City) Halloween audience
8. Playing the guitar
9. Quarks
10. Skippy no-chunk, smooth peanut butter

Source: archive.org