Eye Magazine, The International Review of Graphic Design is a quarterly print magazine for everyone involved in graphic design and visual culture. (wikipedia)

2004 Autumn

Vol. 14 No. 53


Cal Schenkel
By Dan Nadel

Dan Nadel: You went to work for Zappa as a twenty-year-old kid. What did he see in you?

Cal Schenkel: He was seven years older than me and pretty well established. But I think the first thing he saw was someone who was there and could just do it. We connected in terms of what we wanted to do, and I didn’t really think of it as any more than just ‘Oh, this is something to do ... ’, particularly because I got to be really independent and Frank usually liked what I came up with. I dealt directly with Frank and sometimes with Herb Cohen, who was managing the business. (read more)


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