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1970 January

No. 13


Vendepunktet. Frank Zappa: The Man From Utopia (Turning point)
By Jonatan Spang, 1 p

Danish actor Jonatan Spang writes about important albums in his life.

 Automatic translation: When I was in the seventh grade, I was going to do a work placement. I wanted to go to a record store, but I wrote 'music store' instead of 'record store' and ended up in an instrument store in Skindergade. I was only there for a week, but it completely changed - now I want to say 'my life' - but, fuck it, it did. I was away from school for the first time, and then I learned to listen to Frank Zappa. The owner, Knud, insisted that you only listen to Zappa. I remember him as an old man, sitting in an office in the back. If someone put another record on, he'd run out into the store yelling and screaming, playing Frank Zappa again. The following week I bought my first Zappa record, 'The Man From Utopia'. It is inspiring to see a man think so far outside the box and at the same time have the courage to put it into practice, for example when he sings about how hard it is to live in a spaceship, or how fucked up it is to go out in a kitchen. 


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