El Papus


El Papus was a "satirical and neurasthenic magazine", 1973-1987. (www.ciberniz.com/papus.htm)

1974 October 26

Vol. 2 No. 54

Zappa y Cohen:polos opuestos
By Pigasus, 1 p 

The article is about Zappa and Leonard Cohen concerts in Barcelona, October 1974.

About El Papus (online translation from www.ciberniz.com/papus.htm):

"The Papus offered each week a topic that had to do with the sociopolitical circumstances of the moment: women's rights, pollution, the car, emigration, advertising ... and flagship section was "The Papunovela", to a photo collage full color on the overall theme of the week. Little by little it was imposing the graphic, with full pages, cartoons and comics, reducing the second term to the text. The aesthetic quality was lower than that of the main weekly humor with which it shared market, but as it was different from their peers in the fury of their attacks against the evils of his time considered: the Puritanism, repression, religion, the police. No one had gone so far (or come later) in response to the values set with a very black humor, wild, Feist, brutal and anarchist. This was reflected in the corresponding administrative responses: the kidnapping of a number, a suspension for the first four months (July 5 to October 25, 1975) and a second suspension for a further four months (March 27 to July 24 of 1976). As if this were not enough, a terrorist bomb package with the September 20 1977 in which a worker was killed and Joan Peñalver others wounded seventeen. The Papus, despite the reactionary attacks, he continued his carefree career and aggressive almost two more decades. In the end, the disillusionment of the intellectuals and the disengagement of the market, got what they did not meet the fascists".

Source: Javier Marcote