The Dig



The Dig
was the Crossbeat's special issue. Launched as a quarterly in 1995.

1995 August / September

No. 2


フランク・ザッパ‥壮大なる宇宙 (The World of Frank Zappa)
pp 12-45

  • 14 ジルコン博士の秘密研究所 〉 マイルス (Dr. Zircon's Secret Lab, by Miles / Mojo)
  • 23 フランク・ザッパ最期の会兄記 〉 べン・ワ卜スン (The Last Days Of Frank Zappa, by Ben Watson / Mojo)
  • 28 キリス卜に反逆した男 〉 デイ ヴ・リマ一 (The Antichrist, by Dave Rimmer / Mojo)
  • 31 カル・シエンケルによろジヤケシト解説 〉 マイルス (The Grand Wazoo, interview by Miles / Mojo)
  • 34 奇しき縁: メンバーによろ回想金講 〉 デイヴ・テイマーテイ一ノ  (The Addams Family, by Dave Dimartino / Mojo)
  • 38 ザッパのマテリアル・ワールド 〉湯浅 学 / 山名 昇 / 茂木 健 / 大山甲日 / 谷口まもる (Zappa's Material World, by Manabu Yuasa, Yamana Noboru, Ken Mogi, Kohjitsu Ohjama, Mamoru Taniguchi)
  • 42 作品 完 令 リ ス卜 〉 湯浅 学 (Frank Zappa Works, by Manabu Yuasa)

Most parts of this Zappa Special are translated from Mojo #4, March 1994.



1996 December / 1997 January

No. 10


Captain Beefheart: The Great and Unknown Howl of Captain B
pp 52-73

  • 遠く輝く神話の真相 (They're In Past Tense, The Past Sure Is Tense)
    By Dave Dimartino, p 54-60, 62-63
    (Original title: Yeah, I’m happy. Happy as a clam)
  • 写真の中のビーフハート (Beefheart in Photographs)
    By Anton Corbijn, p 58
    (Original title: The Spotlight Kid)
  • シンプソンズ』創造者、かく語りき (Thus Spoke the Creator of the Simpsons)
    By Matt Groening, p 59
  • Run Paint Run Run
    By Kristine McKenna, p 61
    (Original text)
  • 数千枚の白紙キャンヴァスの中で (I'm Happy As A Clam)
    By Dave DiMartino, pp 64-66
    (Original title: Strictly Personal)
  • Hot Rats Session
    By Barry Miles, p 63
  • The Greatest Night In My Life
    By Tom Hibbert, p 66
  • 船長の実像(1) ゲイリー・ルーカスの証言 (The Truth of the Captain (1): Gary Lucas)
    By Yamana Noboru (山名昇), p 67
  • 船長の実像(2) アート・トリップIIIの証言 (The Truth of the Captain (2): Art Tripp III)
    By Borrvs Ferrick, p 67
  • 16 Discs of Frownland
    By Otsuka Shintaro, Nakayama Yoshio, Yamana Noboru, Matsuyama Shinya, Yuasa Manabu, Mogi Takeshi, Wakui Koji,      Koyama Tetsuto, Kudo Haruyasu, Yasuda Kenichi (大塚新太郎、中山義雄、山名昇、松山晋也、湯浅学、茂木健、和久井光司、小山哲人、工藤晴康、安田謙一), pp 68-72
  • アルバム未収録音源をチェック (Non-Album Tracks)
    By Koyama Tetsuhito (小山哲人), p 73
  • 映像作品で見るビーフハート (Beefheart In Films & Videos)
    By Otsuka Shintaro (大塚新太郎), p 73
  • 96年夏、船長を探して… (Summer '96, In Search Of The Captain...)
    By Borrvs Ferrick, p 72

Disc Review: Frank Zappa "Lather"
By Morita Junichi (森田純一), p 93

TAN Mitsugu: "Although most of this Captain Beefheart special consists of translations from the 1993 December issue of Mojo, there're some original Japanese articles, including two short interviews with Gary Lucas & Art Tripp, discography & videography, and Borrvs Ferrick's report on his unsuccessful attempt to visit Don's house. Also, you can see a rare promo shot of the Bongo Fury line-up of The Mothers (p 62)."



2001 Autumn

No. 26


Frank Zappa
Ahead Of Our Time 

pp 140-159

  • 140 誰よりもアメリカを愛した男 〉松永良平 (A man who loved America more than anyone, by Matsunaga Ryohei
  • 144 1976年1月、ザッパ来襲  〉辻口稔之 (January 1976, The Zappa Attack, by Tsujiguchi Toshiyuki )
  • 146 ルーツ-オブ-ザッパ 〉森田義信  (Roots of Zappa, by Morita Yoshinobu )
  • 149 いじましい、それでいて嬉しい紙ジャケ 〉湯浅 学 (Stingy, But Delightful Miniature LP Sleeves, by Yuasa Manabu)
  • 150 『お一い、ゲイル』???それ誰の声?〉湯浅 学  ("Hey Gail" What? Whose Voice Was It?, by Yuasa Manabu)
  • 151 ORIGINAL ALBUM DISCOGRAPHY 〉 大西祥平 / ェ藤鴻康 / 小山哲人 / 松永良平 / 森田純一 / 山名 昇 / 湯浅 学 (五十音顧) (By Ohnishi Shohei , Kudo Haruyasu, Koyama Tetsuto, Matsunaga Ryohei, Morita Junichi, Yamana Noboru, Yuasa Manabu)
  • 159 没後のリリース状況 〉湯浅 学 (Pothumous releases, by Yuasa Manabu)