Cuadernos de Jazz


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1997 September-October

No. 42


Otras voces, otras perspectivas. Frank Zappa
By Óscar Scopa, pp 22-24


"Maybe one day I got the jazz purist in the fire - losing purity - by asserting that Jazz From Hell is one of the best jazz records ever made. Not only for the value that the disc is in itself, but because there are many of the keys to what may be the future of jazz if it want to survive outside the century from tedious professionalism and falsely identifying uncritical."

"There is Zappa-swing in Jazz From Hell. The Modern Jazz Quartet harmonies are not denied neither Ellington, Cecil Taylor and much less Dolphy, Coltrane, Monk or Mingus. They are there. Their presence is signed within the tradition that, respectful and disrespectful at the same time, Zappa conducted sound and the harmonies that he gave to the music of XX century."


Source:  Javier Marcote