Classic Rock


Russian edition of the UK Classic Rock magazine. Published monthly, 10 issues per year. First issue was printed in April 2001. Last printed issue was #143, published in November 2016. ISSN 1997-7646.

2002 October

No. 10 Issue 15


Невероятная мешанина (Incedible mess)
By Tommy Udo, pp 43-47

Overview article on jazz-rock.


2003 December

No. 12 Issue 27


Странствуя по фантастическим мирам
(Trippin' The Light Fantastic)
By Hugh Fielder, pp 38-48

The original article by Hugh Fielder on 60s Los Angeles acid scene was published in Classic Rock, November 2003. Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart are both mentioned briefly on page 46 plus a picture of the Mothers of Inventions is added.


2004 April/May

No. 4-5 Issue 30


Frank Zappa. Does Humor Belong In Music? Baby Snakes. (DVD reviews)
By Ian Fortnam, p 95



2005 September

No. 9 Issue 39


Это должно быть в каждом доме
(This belongs in every home)
By Hugh Gregory, p 16

Stevie Vai tells why Freak Out! is so important for him. Interview by Hugh Gregory. 

Some more Zappa-related pages from this issue:

- in the main article "50 best rock drummers" Terry Bozzio is listed as #33 and Vinnie Colaiuta as #25 (pp  38, 39),
- Fantomas (including Terry Bozzio) had a gig in Moscow (p 93)



2006 May

No. 5 Issue 46


100 величайших фронтменов рока
(100 Greatest Rock Frontmen)
By Maria Kolesnikova, Viktoria Demina, Anton Dorofejev, pp 31-42, 44-45

#53 Frank Zappa - p 36

This list is voted by the readers of Russian edition. Number one was Freddie Mercury, followed by Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, Mick Jagger and Ronnie James Dio. Frank Zappa was listed as #53. The text of the Zappa entry is somewhat surprising.

Самый добрый рок-музыкант планеты с шикарными усами и волосами. Фрэнк, сын очень состоятельных родителей, не был заносчивым и гордым и посвятил свою жизнь служению музыке и музыкантам, которым он помогал направо и налево. Заппа - долгожитель на рок-пьедестале и вечный экспериментатор, способный смешать джаз, фолк, рок и классику в нужных пропорциях, чтобы получить шедевр.

Google translation:

The kindest rock musician on this planet, with elegant mustache and hair. Frank, the son of very wealthy parents, wasn't arrogant and proud, and devoted his life to serving the music and musicians, which he helped a lot. Zappa - long-liver on a rock pedestal and eternal experimenter, was able to mix jazz, folk, rock and classical music in the right proportions to get a masterpiece.



2007 January

No. 12-1 Issue 52


Это должно быть в каждом доме
(This belongs in every home)
By Dave Ling, p 17

Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel) tells about his favorite Zappa's album "Apostrophe". Interview by Dave Ling.

Source: Nikolai Zaharov


2007 June

No. 6 Issue 57


Настоящих буйных мало?
(Are there any real rebels?)
By Valeriy Kucherenko, pp 54-61

About "Freak Out!" album and early days of FZ & The Mothers of Invention.

Source: Nikolai Zaharov


2007 October

No. 10 Issue 60


Оркестровые маневры
(Orchestral Maneuvres)
By Valeriy Kucherenko, pp 60-75

Zappa overview article. Author is pointing to his forthcoming book "Zappa. American composer".

Source: Nikolai Zaharov


2009 December

No. 12 Issue 81


Эта музыка будет вечной
(This music will be eternal)
By Dweezil Zappa, 1 p

2010 September

No. 9 Issue 88


150 Greatest Live Albums Of All Time
Part I

- Fillmore East - June 1971
- Roxy And Elsewhere

By Valeriy Kucherenko, pp 72, 79

The list compiled by V.Kutcherenko will be published in 3 consecutive issues. It is presented in a chronological order. Part I covers years 1960-1974.

Source: Nikolai Zaharov


2010 October

No. 10 Issue 89


150 Greatest Live Albums Of All Time
Part II

- Zappa In New York

By Valeriy Kucherenko, p 61

Part II of this list of greatest live albums presents 50 albums from 1975-1978. The author believes that this was the best time to classical rock.

Source: Nikolai Zaharov


2010 November

No. 11 Issue 90


150 Greatest Live Albums Of All Time
Part III

- Broadway The Hard Way

By Valeriy Kucherenko, p 61

Part III of the list of greatest live albums (Russian version, as author states) contains albums from 1979 - 1988. As V.Kucherenko is a Frank Zappa fan (and author of ZAPPA. American composer) he included 4 Zappa live albums into this list.

Source: Nikolai Zaharov


2011 January

No. 01 Issue 92


Классическая коллекция: Captain Beefheart (Classical collection)
By Rob Hughes, pp 90-91



2011 December

No. 12 Issue 101


Барон Уолман (Baron Wolman)
By Baron Wolman, pp 52-53



2012 October

No. 10 Issue 109


Mothers Of Invention
We're Only In It For The Money

By Ian Fortnam, p 90

Album review translated from Classic Rock, #176, October 2012.



2013 January-February

No. 1-2 Issue 112


Understanding America (review)
By Tim Batcup, p 91



2013 March

No. 3 Issue 113


The Fabulous Furry Freak Brother!
By Mick Wall, pp 58-67, 95

This article is translated from Classic Rock, December 2012.

Source: Vitaly Zaremba


2013 October

No. 10 Issue 119


Frank Zappa's 200 Motels (review)
By Charles Shaar Murray, p 68 

2013 November

No. 11 Issue 120


Фрэнк любил ритм-энд-блюз, AC/DC - это R&B-группа
(Frank loved rhythm-and-blues, AC/DC are R&B group)
By Dave Ling, p 43

Interview with Dweezil Zappa, included into AC/DC special.



2015 July-August

No. 7-8 Issue 136


Великий композитор отказывается умирать (The modern day composer refuses to die)
By Tim Batcup, p 73

Dance Me This album review, translated from The modern day composer refuses to die.

Source: Vitaly Zaremba


2016 November

No. 5 Issue 143


Frank Zappa. Freak Out! (review)
By Paul Lester, p 51

Freak Out! album review, as a part of article "66 most important albums from 1966".

Source: Vitaly Zaremba