Arrows magazine was a long-running publication (1928-1989) produced by students at Sheffield University. It was broadly an arts and general features magazine, and was a frequent winner at the annual Guardian student journalism awards. (Sheffield Forum, Students Union)


No. 96


Lumpy Gravy
By Neil Spencer, pp 42-43

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention have never received much credit on this side of the Atlantic, and even Zappa's return to these shores this October seems to have attracted scant attention in his grotesque personage. It's always been easier to ignore his music than to try to assess it; a situation which is unlikely to change with the release of LUMPY GRAVY, the most bizarre of his works to date, and one which we get eighteen months after recording. Thus Michael Wood, writing in New Society apparently after hearing and reading the cover notes of only two of Zappa's albums, can dismiss him and the Mothers as having great illusions about their musical ability. (read more)

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