One of the great magazines who included philosophers, poets, architects, artists, comic drawers related with the contra cultural scene of Barcelona in the 70's. They got together in the same project of political opposition as others against Franco regime. Together politics, other interests were of social context such as environmentalism, anti-psychiatry, collectivism, gay movement etc. It achieved up to 1 million readers in 1977. It was directed by José Ribas. (www.blogpocket.com)

1974 December

No. 2


Frank Zappa y las madres tras el escenario
Interview by Fernando Mir, p 26
(Full text at El 3er Poder)

This is a re-issue (Ajoblanco (White Garlic): "Ideas that burned the seventies"), published in 2004 of the first six numbers of Ajoblanco magazine, which was published between 1974-1980 and had a second stage between 1987-1999.

In the issue of Ajoblanco No 2, December 1974 there is one article page about FZ & Mothers by Fernando Mir and it is related with Zappa's first arrival to Barcelona that was hilarious and includes some great comments of FZ at the press conference. For example an interesting news about his show in Badalona where he let photographs and TV film the first theme of the concert.

Source: Javier Marcote