Andreas Rausch

Egmont vgs, Kln
ISBN 3-7704-2888-9
236 pp, paperback, 21 x 15 cm

arf_divine @

"...a cute little song in the german language, which is the way he talks, whenever it's heavy business, the good lord went something like this..."
(ycdtosa vol.1, once upon a time)

good lord, did you read the german 250 pages comic book named "zappaesk" (eine hommage an die mutter der erfindung) by andreas rausch?

it's an absolutely free surrealistic FZ biography, that freaks you out and makes sure that one size fits all.
it's heavy business!!!

The Idiot about Zappanale 19:

Andreas Rausch made a little speech then in the Arf tent, on his first-rate Zappaesk comic book. Such a quiet, dignified soul. Hopefully, with Ms Pinky's help, he'll have it translated into English one day.