Laurel Canyon
The Inside Story Of Rock And Roll's Legendary Neighborhood
Michael Walker

Faber And Faber, New York
ISBN 0-571-21149-6
pp, hardcover, 21,5 x 14,5 cm

Contains a chapter "Uncle Frank's Cabin".

Circus, indeed. "It was sort of like being in Las Vegas," Gail says, "in the sense that you have no concept of time. The only thing I can compare it to is living on a battleship my father was career navy, so was Jim Morrison's. There's a culture that prepares you for this lifestyle, very much like the kind of operation when you're on a battleship its the middle of the sea: you're very isolated from the rest of society and you have a mission." Befitting the unwavering Zappa work ethic, the mission at the log cabin, Gail says, was "defined by your creative output and how much you can manage to get done." Zappa managed quite a bit. "It was one of his most productive periods," she says. "There were so many albums being done at the same time, between the GTOs and the work that he was doing for himself. The building blocks for a lot projects were launched there."

Laurel Canyon
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