On Tour With The Evil Prince
Rene de la Salle

208 pp, spiral-bound, 21,5 x 14 cm

rev_a_west @ eBay:

This private pressing has 4 chapters on unnumbered 208 pages (no impressum, no table of contents):

  1. The Tapes pp 1-27
  2. The Records pp 28-188
  3. The Literature pp 189-202
  4. The Artists pp 203-208

An excellent reference book for the Zappa collector. It has four chapters:

  1. The Tapes lists the date, venue, city, state, length in mins., sound quality and which vinyl record was recorded from this tape for most known Zappa audio recordings (known from up to 1990). The cool part is the reference numbers which relate to bootleg vinyl records listed next to the tape. Most vinyl bootleg LPs were made before 1990 anyway, and now you can discover which source it is that they where recorded from and decide if you really wanna spend the expensive amount that most weasels are charging for bootleg vinyl these days, or perhaps it would be better for you to just listen to the tape which is usually much better quality and more complete anyway.
  2. The Records yeah these are all bootleg vinyl records 226 of them with pictures, source information, cover pictures and description, sound quality, track listings, band members on the record, comments and even a cross reference in some cases to other bootleg vinyl that had the same stuff recorded on it. All of the information that a serious Zappa vinyl record bootleg collector might want to know and even more. (These 2 sections of the book are the longest)
  3. The Literature a list of Zappa magazines, books, fanzines, collector's magazines and other publications which feature Frank Zappa.
  4. The Artists all of the bands and band members that Frank Zappa has been involved with since the beginning of time including comments and information about various band members and all of Frank Zappa's concert tours.

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The Tapes
The Records

The Literature
The Artists