The Frank Zappa Catalog
Jill Christiansen

A Drowning Witch Production
32 pp, stapled, 21,5 x 14 cm

No more than about 100 of these were printed as a one off back in 1995, intended to help familiarise Rykodisc staff with FZ's albums when the company re-issued them in 1995.

32 page paperback (recycled paper) describing each of the Zappa releases written by the Rykodisc Zappa catalogue manager at the time. With some great photos in black & white.

Includes the footnote: "Every effort has been made to get the facts straight (I wouldn't swear to anything) All opinions expressed are based on my own personal feelings about Frank's music. JC"

Charles Frick:

... Few people know more about Frank Zappa's recorded material than Jill Christiansen, Drowning Witch, catalog development manager for Rykodisc Records. She is the crucial link between the fans and the mythical vaults in the Zappa Family Trust, where thousands of hours of Frank's tapes are stored. ...

Gary Steel Talks To Jill Christiansen