Great Zappa 2
The Works of the Musical Genius, 1967-1974
Kohjitsu Ohyama (大山 甲日)  

Kousakusha (工作舎)
2001 December
ISBN 4-87502-361-8
672 pp, hardcover, 22 x 15,5 cm

This is a volume 2 of the gigantic work by Kohitsu Ohyama. Mr. Ohyama is a traditional dyer from Kyoto. We hope that volume 3 will be released some day. This book has following chapters, every one of them devoted to one album or event:

  1. We're Only In it For The Money
  2. Lumpy Gravy
  3. Chunga's Revenge
  4. 200 Motels
  5. Fillmore East, June 1971
  6. Waka/Jawaka
  7. Kyoto concert, 1976 February 4th
  8. Apostrophe (')

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