Zappa Paraphernalia
Roberto Zucconi

Enema Publishing Ltd. Italy
232 pp, paperback, 21 x 29,5 cm

Roberto Zucconi

The total circulation of this book is unknown. 50 numbered copies are marked as PROMO in the lower corner of the front cover and their title page is personalized – there is the author's signature and color photos from albums and/or magazines pasted with glue.

The purpose of this book, is to supply information about the enormous amount of literature on Frank Zappa, published starting from the mid-sixties up to now. Of course we do not mean to support bootleggers and encourage anyone to purchase or produce, any illegal records or CDs. However we think it is important to emphasize the fact that, although Frank's records has hardly ever reached top of a hit, an amazing number of books, records & other stuffs produced all over the world are available, or, better, hardly available. The aim of this book, which is far from being fully exhaustive, is to show you our favourite things chosen amongst the stuffs we found in the RZ & MM ARCHIVES about Frank Zappa. It can be considered as the first part of Zappa paraphernalia.

A.T. @ Raro:

Google translate: Dedicated to the memory of the great Francis Vincent Zappa, this book aims to provide collectors with an overview, mostly photographic, of the material published on the old Frank, from the beginning of his career to his tragic untimely death. The first part presents the covers of books, magazines and various fanzines dedicated to the American musician. The second is composed of an inceressance selection of articles in the most disparate languages, while in the third and fourth part we find a photographic overview of the enormous pirate vinyl production and a selection of official record rarities from all over the world.

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