We Are The Other People
25 Jahre Zappanale
Dieter Jakob, Burkhard Schempp, Robert Riedt

Wehrhahn Verlag
ISBN 978-3-86525-777-2
496 pp, hardcover, 30 x 21,5 cm

25 anniversary book of the Zappanale festival. It's a very heavy book, 496 pages of A4 format in hardcover binding, something like 2,6 kilos.

The Arf Shop:

In celebration of the 25th Zappanale the ARF Society e.V. announces a colorful new large format book chronicling the history of the festival with over 1000 photos on 500 pages.

Dieter Jakob, Robert Riedt and Burkhard Schempp delved deep into the roots of the Zappanale. How did the festival get its start? How has it developed since? Where is it today? And as the book‘s title reminds us, it‘s also about the people who come to the Zappanale.

With a foreword from Frank Zappa‘s sister Candy, the book includes contributions and congratulations from Joe Trump, Caballero Reynaldo, Fried Dähn, Morgan Ågren, Essra Mohawk, Jean-Luc Ponty, Sandro Oliva, Paul Carr, Umezu Kazutoki, Doctor Nerve, Manni Neumeier, Chris Opperman, Co de Kloet, Terry Bozzio, Pierre-Jean Gaucher, Gary Lucas, Albert Wing, Ed Mann, Ray White, Robert Martin, Tom Fowler, Don Preston, Adrian Belew, Denny Walley, Roddie Gilliard, Brot + Böller, Daevid Allen, Ed Palermo, Jono El Grande, Jim Cohen, Daniel Schröder, Harald Koob, Steve Hillage, Napoleon Murphy Brock, Ben Watson, André Cholomondeley, Daniel Rohr, Håkan Engborg, and Ali N. Askin.

The book, put out by the renown German publishing house Wehrhahn Verlag.


Viva Vincent (includes foreword and TOC)


Wehrhahn Verlag
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Source: Javier Marcote