The Legend Of Wild Man Fischer
Dennis P. Eichhorn and J. P. Williams

Top Shelf Productions
2004 September 28
ISBN 1-891830-61-9
64 pp, paperback, 19,5 x 17 cm

Al Kratina:

The majority of the book is composed of short anecdotes by Dennis P. Eichhorn, who put together a Wild Man Fischer tour in the 1970s. Illustrated by J.R. Williams, they catalogue a host of insane, amusing, and occasionally scatological Wild Man Fischer stories, all recounted in a perpetually bemused and mildly consternated tone.

The six episodes of "One Man - One Glove: The Legend Of Wild Man Fischer" originally appeared in Real Stuff comix. "Wild Man Fischer Amongst The Shroom People" originally appeared in issue #19 of Scram magazine.

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