Frank Zappa On Stage Volume 8 1977-1978
Scott Parker

SPB Publishing
2021 November 2
ISBN 978-8758450796
387, paperback, 28 x 22 cm

PREPOSTEROUS! is the eighth volume in Scott Parker's acclaimed Frank Zappa On Stage book series (previously known as the Recordings of Frank Zappa series). This one follows the exploits of the beloved Baby Snakes/Sheik Yerbouti band as they leveled North America and Western Europe with some of the greatest live performances of Frank Zappa's (or anyone else's) career. This was an amazing era for Frank, who triumphed despite nearly drowning in legal troubles during this period. This book includes a full discography of FZ releases from the fall of 1977 through the spring of 1978.

United Mutations:
Scott is producing a series of books that looks at all the recordings of Frank Zappa concert recordings that are circulating: setlists, special things that happened during the show, etceteras. He also lists the bootlegs that used material from these recordings. Quite an extensive work & series.
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