Life Is So Strange
Missing Persons, Frank Zappa, Prince & Beyond
Dale Bozzio

Cleopatra Records
2022 January 28
ISBN 978-0997205695
300 pp, hardcover, 23 x 24 cm

One of music's most recognizable and influential artists, Missing Person's Dale Bozzio, shares her most intimate and inspirational moments in this superb autobiography!
Bozzio kisses and tells ALL, weaving stories from throughout her entire life including her childhood, her time as a Playboy bunny, her fateful introduction to Frank Zappa, her meteoric rise with Missing Persons, her love affair and collaborations with Prince, and so much more!
Hardcover book of 300+ full colour pages with incredible never-seen-before photos from Dale's personal archive as well as lyric sheets, poetry and various other memorabilia!
Also includes a collectible 7" vinyl with recut versions of "Destination Unknown" and a remix of "Mental Hopscotch" by Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus!

Dale Bozzio: "I genuflect to Frank. I idolize Frank for his knowledge, his graciousness, his genius, and I’m indebted to him forever, forever and ever. He’s the hero of my book."

1. Born Consalvi
2. 63 Oakland St.
3. The Zappa Experience: Part 1
4. Movie Star In Training
5. Bunnies Across America
6. Valentine's Day Massacre
7. The Zappa Experience: Part 2
8. Window
9. This Isn't Heaven! It's Zappa's
10. Shrimp & Cookies
11. Cute Persons
12. Dougie
13. Lunch Wagon
14. Spring Session M
15. Rule Breaker
16. This Is US: Welcome To The Festival
17. Rhyme & Un-Reason-Able
18. Color In Your Life (Is Fading)
19. Jamie Shoop
20. My Hours With Prince
21. Loved & Lost
22. Fired!
23. Harold Robbins
24. Richard The Third
25. Call The Helicopter
26. The Zappa Experience: Part 3
27. Reunited & It Feels So
28. Hit Me Baby One More Time?
29. The Most Beautiful Face
30. My Brother's Socks
31. Farewell Prince
32. 63 Oakland St. Revisited
33. Cleopatra/Most Important/Awarded by Joan Jett
34. Missing Persons In Action
35. The Orignal Me
36. Dale Is
37. Last Thoughts Linger
38. Should I Tell You How I Really Feel
39. Poems
40. Advocacy
41. Dale Bozzio Discography
42. Photos
43. Thank Yous
SIDE A Destination Unknown
SIDE B Mental Hopscotch (Kevin Haskins Remix).


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