La notte del fumo sull'acqua.
4-12-1971: Frank, smoke, water and me
Moreno Nicoloso

La Torre dei Venti edizione
2021 May
ISBN 979-12-80053-23-7
96 pp, paperback, 24 x 17 cm

Moreno Nicoloso

«Moreno Nicoloso's photographs tell stories of sounds, of eras, of protagonists of music as if they were true biographies. You recognize its strength, its depth. Every shot evokes that song and when you observe it you feel it with all its poetry and all its power. The shadows of black and white hide tools that in another shot will come to light and there you will feel visibility reaching. A caption is not necessary, the photograph tells everything. Recognize in that shot the jazz player, the scream of rock, the song of the intimate poet. If you add fire, smoke and flames to this stylistic perfection, you probably also smell it, the smell of burning.» (Massimo Bonelli)

«These photos will bring back memories to the ones who were there that day and will show the reality of the inferno to the ones who came later. It’s very hard to remember everything in detail when so many years have passed. But the terrible fire at the Montreux casino obviously stays in the memory. The main thing I remember of the day was the excitement I felt to actually see Frank Zappa and “the Mothers” playing live.» (Ian Paice)


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La Torre dei Venti

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