Grand Zappa
Frank Wonneberg

Schwarzkopf & Schwarzkopf, Berlin
2010 December 1
ISBN 978-3-89602-581-4
160 pp, hardcover, 37 x 31 cm


A giant luxury book of Zappa's vinyl albums, written by Zappa collector and member of the Arf Society Frank Wonneberg.  Frank Wonneberg is the author of two books more about vinyl albums - Labelkunde Vinyl and Vinyl Lexikon. Both are available only in German.

Nice cover art by Cal Schenkel.

Description by F.Wonneberg:

- only official releases, no boots
- the main part are all vinyls from FO till CP3
- main focus are the vinyls
- plus cd-editions
- an addendum with all cds after 1993

- totally over 1450 pictures (full color, also the whitelables)
- 898 labels (e.g. 64x HR)
- over 300 cover variations

- for speial interest: the pics of the cross section of different a-sides

- preface by Ben Watson
- b/w fz-portrait by Uwe Möntmann
- unique great book cover (under the dust cover) by Calvin Schenkel

- introduction from the author about different aspects (record companies, lawsuits, studio, varese etc.)

- notations about counterfeits, tapes, cd-series etc.
- very rare pics about the covers of läther and weasels …

- not only an documentary but also a fine coffeetable book …

- the captions for the labels with datas about date, country, licencee etc. are aboslutely coherent international

- an english edition will not available

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Dust jacket
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