1981 ?
160 pp, paperback, 21 x 14 cm

This book is often referenced as "El Topo" (the mouse) book.

Paperback from Italy including commentary on albums Freak Out! – Joe's Garage, translation of some lyrics, info on the '80 tour, some interview excerpts.

The author and edition are unknown. The only reference in impressum is "Ricerca Iconographica a cure dell'Esteta T'no D.Play' " ("Iconographic research by aesthete T'no D. Play").

The other reference in impressum "Printed: Cal Munchkin Archie, Roslyn, Pa, USA" is probably not serious.

Massime Bassoli:

The author is not me, neither Riccardo Bertoncelli. I have that book too. It's an instant bootleg book, very normal in Italy around the '80. Someone stole part of interviews, pics, graphics from current music magazines and made that book. The mouse ["El Topo" icon on the front cover] is for sure referred to Hot Rats, Frank's title very famous in Italy.

Oscar Bianco:

Note that cheesy fake in the back-cover: "Francesco Vincenzo Zappa 1940-1990"! The Italian translation of The Air is really faulty. I would say Massimo Bassoli or someone of the amnesiAVivacE team could be involved in it, but those are only guesses.


"Maybe it's Riccardo Bertoncelli who wrote this book, Gong magazine articles [Gong '74 has the back cover photo of the book in the magazine article] and also the other Italian book La Musica Pop [same front cover as Gong '74]."


Maurizio Bianchini @ Il Mucchio Selvaggio
Giancarlo Zucchet @ Prisma



Source: slime.oofytv.set