Einmal Zappatown und zurück
Stefan Kleiber

Verlag Regionalkultur
2019 May 2
ISBN 978-3-95505-137-2
96 pp, hardcover, 21 x 21 cm

Stefan Kleiber

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For years, I had thought of visiting the Zappanale in Bad Doberan on the Baltic Sea and watching this extraordinary festival for Zappa friends.

Basically, it was a small, but fine ad in the Zappanale group on Facebook, which ultimately decided to finally implement this project in 2018. In the course of the travel preparations, the idea to write a book about my festival experiences also matured.

Especially those personalities who took the time to answer my questions - be it before, during or after the Zappanale # 29 have contributed to the success of this book project. Therefore, my special thanks are due to these people. Each individual is a mosaic stone that contributes to the overall picture of this travel novel.

In the book "play" with (in chronological order):
Hank Woods, founder of the exclusive Zappanale club
Graham Davis, singer and guitarist Gabba Zappa Hey!
Did Dilley, drummer Gabba Zappa Hey!
Vicki Davis, Graham's wife and fan
Peter Baxter, fan
Ethell & Billy, fans
Fergy, fan
Bengt Nilsson, fan
Thorsten Semrau, mayor of Bad Doberan
Mr. Bruhn, fan
Christiane Seebach, singer Aunt Tofu
Andreas Steinhardt, guitarist Aunt Tofu
Frank Katzschmann, restaurateur , Hotel Pension Bellevue
Achim, Fan
Bärbel Hoppe, Secretary Arf Society
Monika Roscher, Monika Roscher Big Band
Dieter Jakob, photographer and music book author, exhibition manager
Olaf Rösler, art painter
Ben Watson, author, zappologist and quiz master
Wolfhard Kutz, founder of the Zappanale
Another thanks goes to Peter Wawerzinek, whose feature article about the Zappanale (Junge Welt vom 24.7.2018)


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